Target contacted 720 Strategies to strategically develop and redesign the digital presence for their grassroots initiative, [email protected] With Target having recently updated their brand guidelines, we went to work brainstorming new ways to extend the brand for this new site. Taking a mobile-first approach, 720 Strategies designed a responsive site to deliver a seamless user experience across all potential devices, making it easier for users to consume content without endless pinching, panning and rotating.

A New Site and a New Brand

Using best practices in web design and development, 720 Strategies built a comprehensive website that provided a multi-dimensional opportunity for both Target team members and guests to gain access to a bevy of information as it pertains to Target’s grassroots initiatives and issues that impact the company’s U.S. footprint.

As part of the [email protected] initiative, we developed a new logo in addition to the new website, marrying the company’s signature bullseye and proprietary font treatment with the new [email protected] moniker. The logo is fresh, bold and clearly connects Target’s grassroots efforts with its larger consumer brand.

Using striking imagery and bold colors, the [email protected] site reinforced that connection in the grassroots arena and helped build awareness around the issues  relevant to employees and staff

Citizens at Target

A Simple Design With Increased Results

By taking a simple, streamlined approach to site navigation and content, visitors to could easily access pertinent information on issues that impact the company, find and contact their legislators and discover more information about key partnerships with outside organizations, all in just a few clicks.

After working closely and collaboratively with Target throughout the design process, we were able to deliver a campaign website that supported their grassroots initiative. All design and programming was completed in compliance with current web standards and best practices for both desktop and mobile platforms and, after the launch of the new site, [email protected] saw a 200% increase in overall page views per month.