Grassroots Advocacy

Don’t just rely on lobbying to impact legislation. Lean on your large base of customers, members or supporters and use their collective voice through grassroots advocacy. As a campaign and movement, individuals have the power to change legislation.

Lobbying alone isn't enough.

The Art & Science of Grassroots Advocacy

Shaping legislative & regulatory outcomes.

Every year, more than 100,000 bills are introduced at the state and federal level. Lobbying alone can’t always ensure your organization’s viewpoint is represented before lawmakers.

To shape the legislative and regulatory outcomes that impact your organization and industry, Congress and state legislatures need to hear from “real world” experts – their constituents. Grassroots advocacy is the art and science of identifying citizens, educating them about the issues that matter and mobilizing them to take desired actions – when and where you need them, tapping their political power to influence legislative outcomes.