Federation of American Hospitals

The Federation of American Hospitals redesigned FAH.org to help deliver on their mission – to provide the expertise and insight of their members to federal legislators and regulators, as well as to other stakeholders and the general public. A key goal of the redesign was to enable FAH to offer a “one-stop shop” to relevant and timely information about key issues facing hospitals and the patients they serve.

Designing for content

Our account, creative and development teams sought to strike a balance between content needs and aesthetics to deliver an optimal user experience. Before the redesign, the website provided valuable content to its members, but with so much content, the site could feel overwhelming. Instead of cutting content, we set out to establish a new structure, organization and visual language for the FAH brand to support the content in a fresh, modern way.

Setting Clear Goals

Staying true to our process, our initial steps in the redesign involved getting to know the FAH brand, the users of the site, as well as the goals for the new site – who are we trying to reach and what are we trying to achieve? Next, we defined exactly how the new website should look and function. Moving from a standard desktop-optimized site to a responsive design, we made it a priority to identify our users’ goals and how those goals changed as the user moved from one device to another. We also thought a great deal about the character of the brand and how that impacted how the site should feel and function.
FAH.org website

User-First Functionality

Once we’d outlined our overarching vision for the site, our focus shifted to content management and consumption. We incorporated more infographics into the design and referenced links to relevant articles on third-party sites to provide new and varied viewpoints. We enabled users to share content on social media and download and/or view graphic content in galleries to add to the dynamic nature of the content and the site itself. Most importantly, we de-cluttered the site, archiving old materials and streamlining newer content to make it more easily digestible.

As a result of the collaboration between the FAH and 720 Strategies teams, we were able to launch a new, content-rich website that serves as a valuable resource for FAH members. In just the two months following the relaunch, FAH had over 9,800 page views and 2,665 users visit their site. Most importantly, FAH has seen a drastic reduction in the number of phone calls to assist in locating material, exceeding all expectations.