Fortune 500 Companies

Connect with your best advocates.

Building trusted relationships with customers can mean repeat sales, referrals to new customers and advocacy engagement on behalf of your corporate policy agenda. 720 Strategies helps Fortune 500 companies and their trade associations recruit, educate and mobilize their customers, employees, vendors and suppliers to advocate for brands and their advocacy agendas.

Socially aware & socially connected.

Social media is now a significant digital advocacy opportunity to engage lawmakers and their staff.

In fact, a survey of congressional offices conducted by the Congressional Management Foundation found three-fourths of senior House and Senate staff said that just one to 30 unique posts on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter were sufficient to garner their attention. We help organizations create their advocacy accounts in social media, identify congressional followers and connections, and create an editorial calendar and content strategy to build social media relationships with Congress.

Building awareness of your agenda in Washington.

Washington, DC, is a complex media marketplace, where relationships mean everything and where targeted outreach can span paid, earned and social media for print, online, radio, television and metro advertising. From engaging beltway reporters, to creating partnerships with think tanks and sponsoring congressional briefings, 720 Strategies knows media.

Corporate social responsibility.

Today, consumers want to buy products they love from companies whose ethics they admire. We have two decades of experience helping Fortune 500 organizations create trusted relationships with their customers – bridging the products they love with the principled leadership they desire, from companies they trust.

Responsive Issue Sites

Our award-winning responsive websites ensure your advocates are one click away from writing elected officials, registering to vote or emailing the media in support of your agenda.

On Brand, Totally Social

Our branding schemes meet the highest corporate standards and are strategically aligned with your core brand guidelines. Our social media campaigns drive traffic, engagement and awareness of your issues. And we’re happy to share how.

Media Planning

At 720 Strategies, we build media relations plans into our campaigns to help you create surround sound to build your brand message.

Creating grassroots education & advocacy opportunities.

Our track record includes helping big box retailers mobilize customers in store.

We build responsive issue advocacy websites to recruit and educate brand employees, creating in-depth stakeholder maps that show the economic footprint of a retailer in congressional and legislative districts nationwide, and launching corporate social responsibility campaigns that encourage customers and employees to register to vote and vote on Election Day.

How we helped Southwest Airlines.

Grassroots is about more than feet on the street. It can help open new markets and opportunities – even for the most sophisticated industry players. Learn how 720 Strategies worked with Southwest Airlines to Set Love Free and open international gates at Hobby Airport against the Wright Amendment.

We love LUV.

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