720 Strategies is a top energy public relations firm in Washington, DC.

Bringing the energy conversation full circle.

Energy powers our homes, country and economy. At 720 Strategies, we partner with energy companies, their employees and customers to shape the dialogue about our shared energy future – online, in local communities, in the media and in Congress.

We’ve worked with clients across sectors, from conventional fuels to electricity generation, from wind energy to oil exploration and production.

We power the grassroots and public affairs communications programs of some of America’s best known energy companies.

Fueling citizen action online.

We develop both public-facing and password-protected sites dedicated to educating consumers, employees, vendors and suppliers about the importance of sound energy policy to the nation’s economy.

Our sites provide education and action opportunities on current energy issues before Congress and the technology for citizens to write Congress, register to vote, track legislation and more.

We provide content strategy through the use of editorial calendars and the execution of regular email and social media communications with employees and other stakeholders.

Our sites maintain a strong audience, and Congress receives regular communications via the sites about the importance of energy to our nation’s future.

Investing in candidates
who support strong energy policies.

Increasingly, America’s energy companies are creating political action committees that support the election of candidates who share their energy views and interests.

720 Strategies helps energy companies create and launch successful PACs, develop PAC brands and logos, recommend bylaws, manage their compliance activities, recruit donors and conduct their solicitation campaigns – online and off.

How we helped Southwest Airlines.

Grassroots is about more than feet on the street. It can help open new markets and opportunities – even for the most sophisticated industry players. Learn how 720 Strategies worked with Southwest Airlines to Set Love Free and open international gates at Hobby Airport against the Wright Amendment.

We love LUV.

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