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Advocacy campaign strategies.

Every campaign needs a savvy advocacy consultant: a visionary advisor to help outline a campaign strategy, establish fundraising goals and build a digital marketing strategy. You need someone to help with grassroots, media and communications. 720 Strategies is that advisor. We’re here to help you navigate relationships within your party infrastructure to ensure your campaign receives the funding it needs and the attention it deserves.

Advocacy campaign planning & management.

With our comprehensive technology services, you’re getting much more than a website or mobile app. You’re getting a complete technology team and the tools you need to drive your message forward – easily and effectively.

Media Relations.

Connecting your campaign’s message with the highest number of voters is a key element to ensuring victory for your advocacy campaign. We’ll help you do just that with the production and placement of award-winning video and radio spots that use testimonials and other tactics to accurately and creatively tell your story.

Creative Agency Services.

Through carefully crafted imagery and messaging, your ads will stand out and give voters a reason to take your campaign seriously. Advertising services include: direct mail, billboards, newspapers, magazines and programs, website banners, social media and just about every other form of print and digital advertising.

Web Design & Development.

Your campaign’s digital identity is greatly determined by your website. We’ll help you put your best digital foot forward with a stunning – and user-friendly – website. We’ll also help you manage your grassroots network, communicate with voters and file campaign finance reports with our easy-to-use suite of online tools.

Live & Automated Phone Services.

It’s a fact; senior citizens turn out to vote. And they do so at more than double the rate of those half their age. But how do you reach them? Answer: the phone. We will connect with your constituents via live operator or automated phone technology to deliver your message straight to the ears of key voters.

Fundraising training & support.

Fundraising is hard work. Having the right help helps. We’ll help you identify potential donors, cultivate prospecting lists, craft fundraising letters and solicit contributions online. But we don’t stop there.

We also provide training that focuses on confidence building, role playing, donor psychology, prospecting methods, value propositions, speech training, campaign finance compliance and more. We’ll help you establish aggressive, yet achievable fundraising goals for your campaign and give you the support you need to achieve them.

How we helped Southwest Airlines.

Grassroots is about more than feet on the street. It can help open new markets and opportunities – even for the most sophisticated industry players. Learn how 720 Strategies worked with Southwest Airlines to Set Love Free and open international gates at Hobby Airport against the Wright Amendment.

We love LUV.

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