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Your presence is your power.

Telling your story through numbers

Politics and advocacy are often about the numbers. Collecting and distilling those numbers into tangible information empowers your organization and demonstrates the power of your presence and the impact you have at the local level. SevenTwenty Strategies helps you do just that—without all the headaches.

But what’s in a number?

With our comprehensive asset mapping services, your numbers take on new meaning. They become customers, employees, patients, members—people in the community that have a stake in your issue. They become benefits provided, real estate holdings, spending with local vendors, local tax revenue collected, charitable contributions and more. They demonstrate your organization’s positive impact.

Keep it fresh. And accurate.

Your data changes and we’ll be there to keep it fresh and accurate as you grow and expand. SevenTwenty will work with you to update your data on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis to best meet your needs. And you can take comfort knowing that as redistricting or special elections occur, SevenTwenty has you covered.

Put your data to work.

Whether a corporation or a national trade association, you have access to powerful data that can tell your story to the policy makers who need to hear it. SevenTwenty will work with you to collect, organize and clean your data, maximizing accuracy and relevance. We’ll match it at the federal, state and local level, ensuring that no matter where you are or who you’re addressing, you have your numbers—and your story—available in hand or on screen, from desktop to mobile and everything in between.

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