We’re mobilizing citizens on a global scale, one click at a time.

Fostering the digital dialogue between policymakers & citizens

Democracy requires an active partnership between citizens and public officials. We are a public relations and public affairs firm with more than 15 years of experience connecting citizens with their representatives using digital tools. We have mobilized citizens in remote Thai villages using iPads, enabled thousands of European citizens to petition their Members of the European Parliament online, and even created a web platform to support democracy building in Eastern Europe.

19 years + more than 500 campaigns

We are a public relations & public affairs firm focused on connecting citizens with their representatives using digital tools.

Recruiting & mobilizing to bring EU legislation full circle

The European Citizens Initiative, the European Parliament’s online petition system, and the digital platforms of EU member states are giving citizens powerful new tools to make their voices heard.  As leaders in the movement that introduced Internet advocacy and digital grassroots in the United States, we know how to recruit and engage citizens online to help Global 500 organizations and their trade associations shape legislative outcomes.

Preventing adverse legislation in Finland

The European Union (EU) Parliament had scheduled a vote on a bill, which would raise taxes and put thousands of jobs at risk—in particular, the jobs of our Europe-based client. With limited time, we implemented a powerful new technology solution to allow our client’s country to contact Members of the European Parliament to voice their concerns over this bill.

Watch the Net Effect EU

SevenTwenty’s documentary, The Net Effect EU, explores how the Internet and social media are defining democracy in the European Union. Take a video journey to Brussels, London and Rome to  meet Members of the European Parliament, citizens, corporate leaders, nonprofit executives and digital strategists. Every voice matters.

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