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We’re ranked among the nation’s top 30 independent health care PR firms according to O’Dwyer’s; we’ve won MarComs, Pollies & more for health care work—we heart health care.

Opportunities to shape the health care experience

Health care is the largest, fastest-growing and most complex industry in the world. The industry’s growth is due, in part, to increasing demand propelled by health care reform, a large and growing aging population, technology advancements and biopharmaceutical innovation. Ensuring access to affordable, high quality health care engages providers, insurers, biopharmaceutical companies, patients and, of course, policymakers. SevenTwenty Strategies counts among its clients leading organizations across the health care sector with whom we partner to maximize their opportunities to share in the health care conversation and grow their influence.

70% of our client engagements are health care.

We have been involved in the most significant health care debates at the legislative and regulatory levels since 1999.

Bringing the Health Care Discussion Full Circle

Thought Leadership

Our leadership has worked to advance some of the most important issues of the day for clients. We have successfully framed issues to educate media, policymakers, health consumers and other stakeholders inside the Beltway, as well as in key districts and states nationwide.

Member Engagement

The Federation of American Hospitals provided valuable content to its members, but with so much content, the site could feel overwhelming. FAH needed a new site structure, organization and look and feel to deliver content in a fresh, modern way. See how SevenTwenty helped.

Award-Winning PR

Challenged by the changing health care landscape, our client—a professional trade association that recently merged with a likeminded group consisting of primary care providers—sought to brand themselves with the Washington, DC policy elite. Learn how we helped make that possible.

Creating positive change in health care policy

The biopharmaceutical industry plays a critical role in improving the health and well-being of millions of Americans by delivering life-saving, life-enhancing advancements in medicine, while also serving as a driving force for our nation’s economy, by generating tax revenue, high-paying jobs and innovative therapies. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), and it member companies tapped SevenTwenty Strategies to develop an advocacy solution to convey the industry’s value and commitment to positive change.

A history of health care firsts

SevenTwenty and its clients are at the forefront of shaping policy, building brand awareness and creating our nation’s health care future. Together, we have developed the first statistical model for predicting the propensity of citizens to become advocates for health care issues, recruiting more than 2 million people to contact their Members of Congress. We created the pharmaceutical industry’s first graphical “footprint” or asset map of its vendors and suppliers’ financial contributions to the US economy. And, we have helped multiple Fortune 500 health care organizations take their first steps into the political arena, by creating and launching their corporate PACs.

Brand Experience & Notable Achievements

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