Compelling imagery communicates your story in an instant.

Seeing is believing

Capturing the attention of your audience begins and ends with compelling imagery. Inspiring photography allows you to connect with your audience in an instant, engaging them long enough to tell your story, influencing them to take action. At SevenTwenty Strategies, our custom photography provides a connection with your audience and a catalyst for action.

Continuity in video, photography & design

Web, mobile, mail, print and TV are just a few of the many aspects of an integrated campaign. Ensuring continuity of brand and message through all of these mediums is a challenging task. The best campaigns integrate original, unique imagery throughout every medium—online, offline and on TV.  We provide that continuity through video and photos, captured simultaneously in the same sessions.

Conferences, events & fly-ins

Like many organizations, your members, employees and stakeholders may be spread across the country. Getting them together in the same place is rare. SevenTwenty Strategies provides photo and video coverage when you do. Whether it’s interviewing participants and influentials, capturing sessions, visiting legislators on Capitol Hill or simply documenting events for future promotion, we’ll help you make the most of your fly-in and conference opportunities, and carry that event excitement through the next year.

When stock doesn't stack up

Sometimes original imagery is all that will do. Whenever appropriate, we try to use original photos and footage in our design and video products. And our Washington, DC location has afforded us ample opportunity to capture the political spirit and energy of our nation’s capital. The images and footage we produce are available in many forms for use by, and for our client campaigns. Need something specific? We’ll just grab our gear and shoot it.

Brand Experience & Notable Achievements

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Let's talk about capturing your moments.