PAC Fundraising

Reinvigorate. Inspire. Grow.

Make your members want to contribute.

There are countless causes and organizations competing for your member’s dollars. Our approach to fundraising is strategic at its core, using digital and print tools, compelling messaging, and ambassador training in unison to create a memorable experience. This approach comes from our years of experience and research that shows that members are more likely to contribute if they feel emotionally connected to your PAC brand values.

Smart solutions, savvy approach

Our PAC fundraising programs are built on a robust communications strategy that effectively uses the most current digital and offline tools and tactics (and don’t worry, because we specialize in PACs, our innovative ideas are also FEC compliant).

Time-saving technology

Our tool, PACMaster®, is your digital hub for tracking contributions, managing members, and keeping an eye on your PAC’s health.

Win. Win big.

Using a savvy mix of program, digital and offline fundraising, and custom PAC tools and services, we’re helping client win, and win big—achieving growth rates of 21%, 50% and over 500% for just a few of our clients, helping them raise millions for their PACs.

PAC Fundraising With SevenTwenty Strategies

Your PAC As You've Never Seen It Before

What is more convincing than statistics or clichés?  Emotion. Don't just tell, show your PAC eligibles and members why their participation is so important with inspirational music, compelling graphics and authentic voices. Our team will craft a PAC video that tells your story and resonates with your target audiences.

How Does Your PAC Measure Up?

A PAC Assessment can highlight the strengths of your PAC, show how it compares to others in your industry and deliver insights on how to help improve your ROI. Our team can help target your key areas of improvement to optimize your success and build a strategic plan for long-term growth.

How Do You Engage Your Members?

Keeping your members engaged with newsletters, legislative updates or the occasional "shout-out" to PAC leaders can create a community and buzz around your PAC. SevenTwenty will create the right message for your PAC that resonates with your members, eligibles and organizational culture.

Create a Communication Hub

Your PAC website should be the central hub of communications for your members. SevenTwenty Strategies will bring your PAC together with an engaging website that gives your members a way to contribute, stay up to date and communicate all in one place, wherever they are, on any device.

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