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360 degrees of online & offline collaboration. That’s SevenTwenty.

Step into the circle.

At SevenTwenty, we develop successful grassroots and PAC campaigns, award-winning public relations programs, custom videos and commercials, and websites and mobile experiences. While the work covers the gamut of public affairs and public relations, every product and service suite is built the SevenTwenty way.

Phase 1: Research & discovery

Understanding your priorities: Great work begins with legwork. At the start of your project, we gather insights and feedback, understand your culture, and translate your unique expertise and priorities into tangible strategies and deliverables that resonate with your audience.

Conducting stakeholder research: We don’t rely on anecdotal feedback. We make research a priority, conducting formal or informal focus groups, survey research, individual interviews with your users, and examining your data to find the truth behind the numbers.

Phase 2: Strategy

Analyzing data: Data in hand, our team will uncover hidden opportunities to advance your goals and overcome challenges.

Defining key audiences: We build profiles of your users to define the ideal stakeholder experience with your project or product, key touchpoints and outcomes we want to achieve.

Framing your message: We will craft strategic messaging in concert with your team to frame a persuasive and impactful message to your stakeholders.

Strategies, tactics and creative execution: Our cross-disciplinary team will develop strategic recommendations, tactics that move the needle and creative executions that embrace your brand and resonate with your audiences.

Soliciting your feedback: As the expert, we rely on you to share feedback and embrace the recommendations most relevant to your needs. With that feedback, our team will get to work.

Phase 3: Create

Prototyping: To ensure our creative, technology, and strategic communications are aligned with our shared vision for your project, we create prototypes that allow you to provide feedback early in the process.

Branding & Design: We work with some of the most successful organizations in the world to give them a unique visual identity that meets their organizations’ highest standards.

Creating Websites, Mobile Platforms & Technology Solutions: From our PACMaster PAC compliance technology to Encompass720, content management and CRM platform, to a host of other solutions—we help you choose the right technology for the job.

Developing Strategic Communications: SevenTwenty’s in-house writers and media relations experts guide the development of content for your project, defining your message and framing the issues to maximize media coverage, when appropriate, and ensuring engagement with key stakeholders.

Phase 4: Test

Quality Assurance Testing: Testing is critical to the success of any project, and we take our products and projects through rigorous quality assurance testing that engages both our team and our clients to ensure an optimal end result.

User Testing: By engaging key users who represent your stakeholder groups, we can gather important feedback and insights that allow us to refine our work.

Piloting Strategies: Rather than pushing a project live and hoping for the best, we pilot new strategies in an iterative fashion, enabling us to test ideas, fine-tune strategies, and scale our projects based on success.

How a plan comes together

Creating client success is a collaboration between our team and yours. It’s fueled by good coffee and great conversation, a solid timeline, testing and regular feedback. We’ll drive the process. You provide the feedback. Together, we’ll create unique solutions to your toughest challenges, and achieve the results your organization demands. When your timing demands a solution “now”, we can “right size” our approach to meet your needs.

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