Tom Cochran Returns as Partner and Chief Growth Officer

Tom Cochran - 720 Strategies

Tom Cochran Returns as Partner and Chief Growth Officer

If you wait long enough, everything comes full circle. Sometimes you have to wait a REALLY long time. But trust me, it’s worth it.

I can’t believe that I’m writing this, but it’s true.

Tom Cochran (LinkedIn) is rejoining our firm after departing in 2011 to lead the White House digital team effort that established the groundbreaking “We the People” petition platform and later transforming the global digital infrastructure for US embassies overseas. I was sad to see him leave 720 Strategies but knew he would go on to great things. I didn’t know that those great things would include returning and helping us take our successes to another level.

We just passed our 20-year anniversary and things are going incredibly well for us. Vlad and I are excited to think about our future when we throw Tom back into this mix. He’s been here less than a couple of weeks and is already helping us set the foundation for long-term growth. Now that we’ve shared the news, he’s planning on meeting with each of our clients on a listening tour. He’s going to pack his calendar with as many client meetings as possible to quickly get the lay of the land.

He’s coming back with some great experiences to share with clients. He led the technology team behind and the team that built the “We the People” petition platform. He was also the CTO at Atlantic Media, helping to launch Quartz.

At the State Department, he helped modernize public diplomacy with Slack, G Suite, an upgraded global digital infrastructure for US embassies and a data-driven management philosophy. He ran a $20 million public sector business for Acquia, a cloud technology company, and led the digital and integrated marketing for Edelman in DC.

Now, he’s going to help drive our clients’ success and help us deliver on our mission: We exist to help our clients make positive change in their world by engaging their most important stakeholders. 

It’s great to have his skills on our team, but more importantly, it’s great to have a dear friend return to 720 Strategies. Welcome home, Tom!

Pam Fielding is the founder and CEO of 720 Strategies. She is recognized as one of the industry pioneers in the field of digital advocacy and strategic communications. A policy writer, Internet strategist, and author, she has successfully leveraged the Internet as a tool for political action and activism in numerous online campaigns since the firm’s founding in 1999.