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To truly experience SevenTwenty, we invite you to get to know our people. Not only are we rockstar communicators, practitioners, artists and technologists—we are a team—and when you hire us, you aren’t just a client, you’re a member.

A few more things to know

Pam loves travel and taking things off her ever-growing bucket list. She’s ridden the Olympic Bobsled at Lake Placid, swam with Manta Rays in Hawaii and fed monkeys by hand in Barbados. She has 3 kids who are her pride and joy: Devon (21), Braedon (13) and SevenTwenty Strategies (19).

Vlad has five great loves in his life, his wife Evie, his little girls Georgia and Gretchen, Momma Kay and a round of golf anytime, any place. He has the unrivaled ability to find a personal connection between himself and the people he meets within five questions (take that, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon).

Among the rest of the team we have a world-class cyclist and real estate mogul, a designer from Jersey with a motorcycle and a 98-pound mastiff, a heel-wearing health nut, a tennis player with a competitive streak, a Captain America fan, a former Florida State dance team member, a surfer, an app-building cyclist, a super aunt with a penchant for Pinterest, DukeBlogger, a hiker with a flare for all things digital, a music afficianado with more than 2,000 LPs, a media maven, a board member of the Shade Foundation, a trombonist, a Springsteen-loving rugby player, an avid photographer, the founder of Servants of Hope and two resident interns that do, well, just about anything we ask of them—and nail it every time!


You’re now officially part of our SevenTwenty experience. Whether you run, travel, golf, laugh, coach, code, ride, swing, lift, dream, juggle, hike, blog, or shine, join the circle.

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