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Webinar: Artificial Intelligence in Advocacy

Whether you work for an advocacy organization or a PAC, every public affairs professional needs to see the full political landscape. When you know what’s coming, you can launch campaigns, direct resources and make decisions with confidence.

Artificial intelligence gives pros that edge.

Calibrate720 is a groundbreaking AI analysis tool that helps organizations mo

Webinar Recap: Three Ways Media Relations Ties Your Fly-in Together

In April, the Media Relations team at SevenTwenty Strategies hosted a webinar titled, "What’s Missing from Your Fly-In Strategy? How Media Relations Ties Your Fly-In Together." For most organizers, fly-ins consist of three basic activities: managing meeting logistics, organizing advocate training, and scheduling and attending meetings for advocates to meet with Members of Congress (MOCs) and their staff. MOCs conduct thousands of constituent visits during fly-ins every year. How can your organization host a fly-in that stands out

Get Your PAC Ready For 2016

Is your PAC ready for 2016? Everything starts with making sure you have the tools to keep your PAC compliant. But Compliance can mean a lot more as you create your PAC strategy for the rest of the cycle. SevenTwenty Strategies’ PAC team, Robin Sexton, Matt Swearman and Lawrence Young, share best practices to improve your PAC’s operations.

Be a PAC Superhero

You can be a PAC superhero. Grow your fundraising exponentially. Get more members engaged. Bring lapsed members back to the PAC. The midterm election is almost over and that means it's time to start looking to the next cycle. In preparation for 2016, learn the tools and strategies necessary to make your PAC more effective. There are simple steps that your PAC should begin taking now to ensure success in the next cycle.

Connecting a Celebrity to Your Cause Webinar

One of the best way to make your cause a household name is to have a celebrity endorse your efforts. Finding a celebrity to sign on to your cause may seem like an impossible task. Susan Gold, who has worked with many stars including Taylor Swift, Neil Patrick Harris and Jennifer Garner, and Matt Swearman will explain how to make the connection a reality. From doing the research to identify the best celebrity to crafting the perfect pitch, Susan and Matt will break down each important element.

Is Your PAC Ready to get “Reel”?

All of us know about the importance a PAC plays in the success of our respective organizations. A video is an excellent opportunity to show your PAC in a positive light. By creating a high-quality video, you can tell a compelling story around the PAC's value proposition. Hear from SevenTwenty's Bear Baker, Vice President of Video Services, about why video has quickly become an indispensable tool for PAC promotion and go in depth on the "art and science" of this creation. We're fortunate enough to have Gary Whidby, PAC Manager at Natio

Taking the Pulse of Your PAC

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to engaging with your PAC members? Does your PAC need a boost? SevenTwenty’s Heather Cutler and Matt Swearman discuss some techniques to get your PAC active, engaged and excited.

PAC Myth Busters

Does your eligible class really know what your PAC does? PAC Master Matt Swearman walks you through some common misconceptions about PACs and how to bust those myths with your PAC eligibles to grow your members.

10 Fundraising Strategies PACs Can Learn from Nonprofits

Are you looking for new ways to get more from your PAC donors? Then look no further than the nonprofit organizations around you to get inspired. Join power fundraiser Jessica Hood as she shows you strategies nonprofits are using to be successful and how to make them work for your PAC. You can also download the accompanying guide 10 Fundraising Strategies PACs can Learn from Nonprofits.