SevenTwenty Strategies is proud to announce Calibrate720, the first-of-its-kind media analysis technology built upon one of the world’s most powerful AI and neural networks. Calibrate helps you anticipate, react and measure the impact of your communications campaigns. While other technologies look to the past — relying on keywords, shares and search strings to analyze public sentiment, Calibrate looks forward — ethically analyzing hundreds of thousands of digital sources of public data, considering the meaning of coverage, and sorting data based upon your specific communications objectives. With Calibrate, you gain what you’ve been missing most: measurement to demonstrate campaign ROI and real-time analysis to understand what’s happening next.

Our media analysis tools help you understand audiences, develop messaging and report the return on investment of your advocacy and communications campaigns. Powered by a deep learning engine already in use by US government agencies, our Narrative Tracker harnesses massive data sets to determine optimal narratives by demographic, location and media type.

Want to know how a 30-year-old centrist woman in Seattle feels about the cost of health care? How about the views of a conservative retiree in California on public transportation? You define your campaign narrative. We’ll tell you what’s working – and most important – what’s happening next.


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