When It Comes To Engagement Videos, Shorter Is Better

When It Comes To Engagement Videos, Shorter Is Better

Think the length of an engagement video doesn’t make much difference? Think again. In a recent study conducted by a video hosting service, it was found that a video’s run time has a dramatic impact on how many people stick around past the first few seconds.

The study examined two videos – one 30 seconds in length, and one 90 seconds. The graph below reveals the “engagement rate” of the two videos. The top line represents the shorter video, while the bottom line shows the longer video. The content of each video was virtually the same – in fact, the first 30 seconds of the 90-second video IS the 30-second video – however the rate of decline is vastly different. By about 10-15 seconds in, viewers were much more likely to turn off the longer video than they were the shorter one.

Why? The average viewer is now beginning to look at the timeline at the bottom of the video to see how long the video is, and then quickly decide whether they want to invest their time watching your message.

When the study was drawn out to include videos of greater lengths, the metrics show that a steady drop off accompanies the growing length of videos studied. While a 1-2 minute video garners an engagement rate of over 65%, a 2-3 minute video only keeps a little over 50%.

Statistically, this has a profound effect on your communications strategy. While we’d like to say it all with one video, that’s not the most-effective messaging solution. Aside from watering down the core message (contribute, participate, etc.), we’re also losing viewers. If we can get the message out in less than 1 minute, we are most likely reaching close to 30% more people with that message than we would with a 3-minute video.

Now, if we make that video compelling, or fun to watch, then viewers are far more likely to watch an additional short video or click on a link to a webpage designed to take the viewer further into varying facets of the core message.

Today’s technology has come a long way from the corporate video playing on a DVD/VHS combo TV on an A/V cart in the lunchroom. The days of the captive audience are over. Your communications strategy needs to take into account that viewers can now simply bounce off the webpage hosting your video without anyone noticing. At 720 Strategies we are continuously honing the craft of modern, digital communications for our clients. Let us help you with yours.