Webinar: Artificial Intelligence in Advocacy

Webinar: Artificial Intelligence in Advocacy

Whether you work for an advocacy organization or a PAC, every public affairs professional needs to see the full political landscape. When you know what’s coming, you can launch campaigns, direct resources and make decisions with confidence.

Artificial intelligence gives pros that edge.

Calibrate720 is a groundbreaking AI analysis tool that helps organizations monitor public sentiment, shape winning campaigns and track ROI. See the AI in action at a free webinar April 17 at 2 p.m. ET.

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Attend our webinar to see how artificial intelligence can help PACs and advocacy organizations:

  • Identify real-time changes in public sentiment and boost campaigns
  • Provide better metrics – and enable better decisions
  • Show a measurable return on investment with real numbers that prove the value of advocacy efforts
  • Provide extreme situational awareness, identifying allies and opponents nationwide  

Advocacy and PAC professionals are asked to look at data and make decisions every day. Yet those decisions are only as good as the data that inform them. If you are using standard analytics, you are a generation behind.

Calibrate720 is a decision-making tool with capabilities that vastly exceed anything that can be produced by a human team. Based on technology developed for the U.S. government, Calibrate720 is now working in the field for several major organizations.

Join Christopher Alexander, our Vice President of Government Services and Strategic Communication, for a discussion of how AI is impacting advocacy and a demonstration of what Calibrate720 can do for you.

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