Twitter Just Changed the Social Media Game. Again.

Twitter Just Changed the Social Media Game. Again.

A successful social media campaign doesn’t always require a prolonged effort; sometimes it’s simply about seizing the moment. That “moment” can be the difference in whether your tweet goes viral or is dead on arrival.

This month Twitter introduced — without a lot of fanfare — a new polling tool, and just in time for Election 2016. Conveniently located within the Twitter app’s tweet composition page, it’s a very simple push-and-type addition that’s easy to use and available to everyone.
So what does this new feature mean for your organization?

We already know about the typical ways your tweets are carried across the Twittersphere: retweets, favorites, mentions and replies. Successfully engaging with your followers on Twitter can expand your reach and help advance your mission. But now that game has changed. With Twitter’s new polling feature you can quickly fashion a poll or survey that your followers can interact with directly within the tweet. Here’s what it looks like:

candy twitter
How useful this new function is depends on how you’re using Twitter for your organization. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is my organization truly invested in and do we believe in the benefits of social media? Or are we just getting our feet wet?
  • Is my social media manager active and tweeting in the moment or does the momentum of our campaigns tend to stall?

When it comes to Twitter, time can be both an enemy and a friend. The key is a two-pronged attack. To be a first-tier influencer, you need to create lasting engagements that are tailored to your audience while, at the same time, capitalizing on the immediacy of current events, topics and trends. This approach is crucial not only to increasing your followership, but to keeping your organization relevant.

A lot can be said about capturing data through online forms and turning that raw data into actionable intelligence. It’s an important part of any grassroots effort. But social media — Twitter especially — is a different animal. Twitter polls don’t capture any data about the user, yet the results can be just as telling. With Twitter polls, you have a new way to interact with your followers and capture real-time data around topics and events happening right now. The result is potentially powerful insights you can use to drive future interactions.
Game. Changed.