Capture Attention With Your PAC Brochure

Capture Attention With Your PAC Brochure

A PAC brochure is your pocket-size sales rep. It showcases PAC goals, member benefits and policy interests to your eligibles in a visually compelling journey from introduction to sign-up. Your brochure is representative of the PAC as a whole: how it presents itself, how it communicates and why it is important to the political conversation. And unique to the brochure format — it helps you seal the deal as a physical handout that demands attention.

Why have a PAC brochure?

Every PAC wants to engage its PAC eligibles to increase its membership. To do so, PACs have to choose among many communications tools: websites, annual reports, emails, direct mail and newsletters (both print and electronic). While each tool has its own advantages, they often share a common disadvantage — not enough room in the budget. Here we will lay out the case for the brochure.
A brochure is a tangible, tactile messenger for the PAC. It is most effective as an immediate follow-up to a face-to-face conversation with a member of your eligible class. A brochure can speak to your eligibles by providing an overview of the PAC, its significance in the industry and political atmosphere and how to best get in touch with PAC leaders.

An email can be ignored. Visiting a website requires time. Direct mail can be thrown away before even being opened. But when you put your PAC brochure in the hands of an eligible, you know that they have received your message and have enough information to take action. Remember to highlight a ‘call to action’ so that your brochure offers more than a cursory glance at the PAC: ask your eligibles to engage and get involved.

Guide Your Audience

The layout of your brochure is integral to how the information is understood. Your brochure shouldn’t read like a takeout menu with a long list of options that one must search through to find a desired item. A PAC brochure gives its reader a simple ‘what’ and ‘why’: “Give to the PAC because it is the best way to be politically engaged and support your industry.”

Allow your PAC to shine without drowning your message with too many extras. Keep your message short and direct. Other PAC communications like annual reports, newsletters and websites have the space to elaborate, but a brochure should serve as a quick, tangible reminder and a short guide for joining a PAC. The brochure will be a launching point for further engagement on platforms like your PAC website.

Visually, your brochure needs to be both arresting and familiar at the same time. Choose graphics that inspire curiosity. Use infographics that convey data and information clearly and concisely. Yet, use the same branded themes of your other PAC tools to carry the same conversation from website to email copy to brochure. By properly branding your PAC communication tools, your target audience will stay focused on your message.

The Total PACkage

An effective PAC brochure initiates a dialogue and encourages interaction to drive PAC membership and increase PAC participation. Deciding how the PAC wants to start that conversation through a brochure can determine how effective the dialogue will be.

Lawrence Young is VP of PAC Programs at 720 Strategies.