Founding Farmers Supports World Health Day 2015

Founding Farmers Supports World Health Day 2015

Today is World Health Day, and corporations, trade associations, advocacy groups, nonprofits and others are working to focus consumers on the importance of the food we eat. Founding Farmers is among those organizations taking a stand for healthy food, and they have provided our guest blog post today:

Today, as part of a global community of food industry professionals striving to provide safe, healthy foods to diners, we celebrate World Health Day 2015.

The World Health Organization (WHO) food and water safety statistics cannot be overlooked:

  • Over 200 diseases are caused by unsafe food containing harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses, chemical substances
  • It is estimated that two million deaths occur every year from contaminated food or drinking water

At Farmers Restaurant Group’s Founding Farmers restaurants, we believe that safe eating is derived from the transparency of knowing where food comes from.

As consumers today are savvier than ever before, especially when it comes to what they put into their bodies, we source true, real food ingredients based on how it’s grown, where it comes from, what the animals are fed, what (if any) chemicals are used, and the like.
Eating fresh, natural food is paramount to good health. By utilizing proven purveyors and resources as well as maintaining diligent food preparation and safety standards, we have the ability to influence not only our guests but also our staff through raising awareness of the importance of sustainability (and responsibility) … all leading to offering nourishing, high-quality, safe foods at a consistent price and quality.

For more information on supporting the World Health Day initiative today and beyond, visit the World Health Organization.

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