Heard at the Conference: ‘We Need Content’

Heard at the Conference: ‘We Need Content’

ORLANDO—We’ve heard it again and again at the Public Affairs Council Advocacy Conference here this week: a lot of organizations struggle to deliver meaningful content to their stakeholders on a regular basis.

That’s no small problem. PACs, corporations, associations and any organization that conducts advocacy has to keep their audience informed and engaged if they want them to perform when needed. That takes content — and producing it is not easy.

Truthfully, most organizations are familiar enough with media relations and government affairs, but they are not set up to produce the type of regular content that fuels digital grassroots advocacy. It takes writers, editors, artists, videographers and a whole lot of company time. But there are solutions — and they are not expensive.

A Strategic Investment

720 Strategies is in Orlando to debut VoteWatch 2018,  a collaboration with the Cook Political Report that offers expert analysis of this year’s election. VoteWatch is a high-impact, eight-part video series featuring well-known luminaries like Charlie Cook, Jennifer Duffy, Amy Walter and David Wasserman, with high-quality video production by 720 Strategies.

If you have trouble generating content, VoteWatch 2018 is worth a look. It offers an insider’s perspective on a major election, created by well-known sources. It can be used right out of the box, with no further work needed. It can be branded and customized with your logo, and sent out throughout the year. And it costs about the same as a good summer intern.

Most important, VoteWatch 2018 is a ready-packaged content strategy for organizations that need to educate an audience. That means PAC donors, grassroots advocates, C-suite leaders, division heads or new employees or members. It can also be used at live events, training sessions, fly-in’s and on webinars.

If you don’t have a content strategy for this year’s election, VoteWatch 2018 is your solution. To see a demo, contact [email protected].

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