Give Back And Support Your PAC

Give Back And Support Your PAC

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Working with Charities to Boost your Corporate PAC Participation.

‘Tis the Season’ for giving, but how many are willing to give to their PAC right now? As the year comes to a close, people are thinking about family and friends, and helping the less fortunate. Yet, how do you make your PAC relevant during the holiday season?

You can turn your PAC into a rallying cry to help charities. Several companies have seen great success implementing a program where employees who donate to the PAC, can choose a charity to receive a financial gift from the company “matching” the employee’s donation. The FEC permits these kinds of charitable contributions to charities recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

The FEC allows a lot of latitude in setting the parameters of a PAC Match program. While many PACs match at a 1:1 ($1 charitable donation for every $1 donated to the PAC), some PACs will donate $0.50 per $1 PAC donation. Others institute a minimum PAC contribution before the PAC will make a matching gift. Some PACs will contribute to any charity that a donor requests, while some may let donors pick from a selected list of charities. No matter what kind of match program you may implement, research shows that a PAC match program greatly improves new member recruitment.

In a survey of 31 PAC Administrators, 94% respondents viewed PAC Match as an effective tool for raising money for the PAC. One administrator commented that PAC Match was the leading incentive in joining the PAC. (Source: Public Affairs Council 2014).

For most, the PAC Match is a win-win – for both the company and for your fellow employees. They can support the company through the PAC, while making a gift for those in need. Not only does it help employees give to causes they care about, but also it demonstrates another way for your company to display its civic engagement.

This is a proven generator of PAC dollars and increased participation. Do you need help implementing a program to fit your company? Give us a call and we can dive in together to figure out a program that will work for you.

Lawrence Young is the Vice President of PAC Programs at 720 Strategies.

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