Election 2018 is Here: Get Special Pricing on VoteWatch

Election 2018 is Here: Get Special Pricing on VoteWatch

Will Democrats gain control of the House? How will Republicans fare in the states? What is the impact of this year’s races on the president’s reelection prospects? November’s election will answer many major questions about the country’s future.

What are you doing to keep your audience informed? While companies, associations and PACs are all tracking the election, communicating with employees and members can be more complicated.

That’s why more and more Fortune 500s and trade associations are turning to VoteWatch, a high-impact video series produced by 720 Strategies and The Cook Political Report that is designed to keep your employees and members more informed and engaged in Election 2018. The last three critical installments of VoteWatch are still available—and you can get them at a special price.

Learn More About VoteWatch Special Pricing

VoteWatch offers expert commentary from well-known analysts like Charlie Cook, Jennifer Duffy, Amy Walter and David Wasserman, with video produced and directed by the experts at 720 Strategies.

VoteWatch is a ready-packaged content strategy for organizations that need to educate PAC donors, grassroots advocates, C-suite leaders, division heads or new employees or members. It can be used right out of the box, with no further work needed, or it can be branded and customized with your logo.

The VoteWatch segments can be sent out via email, posted on a voter registration page or used at live events, training sessions or webinars.

Learn More About VoteWatch Special Pricing

There is much left to cover as the election draws closer:

  • VoteWatch will examine the 36 gubernatorial races, which will be some of the most consequential contests in the election. The video will preview the closest contests and explain why they could reshape politics for many years to come.
  • VoteWatch will examine which party has the momentum in the homestretch and identify late-breaking House and Senate races your audience should be watching.
  • VoteWatch will dive into the results and explain what they mean for the congressional agenda; what issues drove voters; what the outcome means for President Trump’s reelection prospects two years from now; and how the field of presidential candidates is shaping up.  

VoteWatch was created for PACs, corporations and associations that need expert analysis to inform their audience. If you fall into this category, subscribe now or call and get a demo today.

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