Creating Successful Social Media Campaigns

Creating Successful Social Media Campaigns

Pam Fielding, the president of 720 Strategies, recently wrote an article titled “Creating Successful Social Media Campaigns,” that was published in O’Dwyer’s on July 14. The article provides practical tips on how to develop social media campaigns that secure engagement, growth and leads and make an impact.

PR firms are often asked to design and manage social media campaigns. Stakeholders count on us to help them achieve robust ROI day in and day out, know the latest opportunities on the most relevant platforms and keep them from making mistakes that might tarnish their brands’ reputations.

When the pressure is on, how can you create social media campaigns that secure the engagement, growth, leads and impact clients and organizations are searching for? How can social media managers avoid the dreaded flop or, worse yet, the backlash? There is no such thing as the perfect campaign, but there are some “do’s” and “don’ts” that will increase your odds of success. Here are some practical tips for keeping your campaign on track, your clients satisfied and your results in line with expectations.

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