Public Relations

Shaping conversations
about the issues
impacting your brand.

It’s been said that public relations is better than advertising at building a brand. It starts with growing relationships — with consumers, stakeholders, policymakers, the media and the public at large. SevenTwenty Strategies’ seasoned communications professionals, combined with our award-winning creative team and a unique blend of technology, innovative communications strategies and branding expertise, helps position our client campaigns to impact audiences and influence opinion.

We have worked with dozens of the Fortune 500, national trade associations and leaders across broad sectors of the economy to create compelling campaigns that engage audiences and move messages forward. We’re helping clients speak to consumers all across the country and internationally … are you listening.

Brand Strategy

Establishing connections that unite, inspire and grow.

It starts with growing relationships. SevenTwenty helps clients establish connections through a targeted branding strategy that seeks to unite, inspire and grow. Through message testing, strategic insight and award-winning creative, we create strong branding that communicates your central idea and carries through to all your program components. We develop compelling platforms, targeted social media, and traditional paid and earned media campaigns that engage your audiences in conversations about your brand and persuade them to support your cause.

Corporate Communications

Defining your message to drive your brand.

The challenges of effective corporate communications in a 24/7 news cycle requires constant attention. SevenTwenty can help you influence stakeholder opinion, change perception, drive dialogue and create compelling platforms to capture your company’s narrative. Through cohesive messaging, an integrated communications structure linking stakeholders to your organization, and mobilizing internal and external support for your corporate objectives, we help you define a message that drives your brand.

Cause Marketing

Generating brand loyalty around your cause.

We help companies build engaged collaborations to market a cause or an issue campaign, and in the process of addressing societal problems, generate awareness, media attention and increased brand loyalty from consumers, investors and opinion leaders. SevenTwenty Strategies can help you leverage partnerships, develop strategic alliances and identify and connect with supporters of your cause to enhance your fundraising efforts, build an advocate community and advance the causes that matter to you, your industry and the consumers you serve.

Crisis Communications

Rapid response to emerging challenges.

Crises and public relations challenges emerge everyday, in every industry across the country. SevenTwenty Strategies can help you mitigate industry challenges and manage an appropriate response — online, in the media and on the ground. We have the online capabilities, social media savvy, media expertise and nationwide field network to deliver a rapid response to catch crises before they escalate, ensure challenges are nullified, restore confidence and help shape the conversation that follows. Recognizing the water’s depth is part of the game; we help chart a course to ensure you reach the next coast.

Media Strategy

Positioning your narrative for brand exposure.

SevenTwenty provides comprehensive media strategies to condition the media environment to understand your narrative, position your message to be viewed by key stakeholders and grow exposure for your brand and your issue. We have generated millions of impressions and secured high-quality coverage for our clients in the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, Politico, and countless other news outlets across the country. From billboard ad buys targeting Capitol Hill commutes, to speaker’s bureaus to spread your message through local channels, and from local earned media to saturate markets, to targeted social media to grow an engaged base to push your issue agenda, we help get you coverage from D.C. to Des Moines and everywhere in between.

Event Management

Nationwide reach for local engagement.

SevenTwenty’s network of in-market field and media specialists covers every DMA and congressional district in the nation. Through our strategic partnerships and nationwide reach, we can ensure that all of your engagement events produce real, tangible results. From event planning and day-of coordination, to generating turnout to event staffing, our field teams can be quickly mobilized anywhere, at any time, to come to bat for our clients.

Grassroots Marketing

Identifying champions to grow your brand.

Marketing a cause or a brand today is all about perception. Nothing holds more credibility than that of consumers and word-of-mouth marketing. SevenTwenty offers consumer engagement strategies and research-based marketing to identify key audiences and their trusted influencers, build relationships with brand champions and help grow your brand. Through our integrated campaigns and outreach initiatives, we can grow your grassroots outreach and expand your influence exponentially.